Aarhus University
School of Business and Social Scienes
Fuglesangs Allé 4,
Bygning K
8210 Aarhus V.


Project leader

Christiane Gasse
Pharmacist, PhD, Senior researcher

Phone+45 871 65751
Fax+45 871 64601
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Project staff

Prof. Preben Bo Mortensen
MD, DMSC, Professor

Phone+45 871 64657
Fax+45 871 64601
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Theresa Wimberly
Statistician, PhD student

Phone+45 87165976
Fax+45 871 64601
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Institute presentation

The National Centre for Register- based Research at Aarhus University, Denmark, performs studies combining register data, genetic data and other biological data studying interacting genetic and environmental factors influencing risk, course and outcome of schizophrenia. Professor Mortensen and his group have throughout the last 20 years established themselves as a leading force in this field and pioneered the combination of true population-based study-populations, longitudinal data and life-course methodology, with genomics and exact biological measurement of early exposures.